LGIC  is a non-profitable institute which has long been devoted to the research of lab grown gemstones and the elaboration of inspection standards. 

The lab grown gemstone can be traced back to more than 100 years ago, when the French chemist Verneuil invented the flamefusion process (i.e. Verneuil Process). This process is mainly used to grow corundum like ruby and sapphire, as well as imitation diamonds like rutile and strontium titanate. 

In this industry there are around 10 popular techniques to grow gemstones, like hydrothermal method, flux method, Cz method, KY method etc. The gemstones grown from these different techniques vary in quality and the market recognition. 

LGIC intends to help developing healthily the lab grown gemstones by setting up a scientific classification. LGIC’s classification on lab grown gemstones refers to the classifying method of natural gemstones used by various gemstone research institutes.