Product classification standard Lab Grown Ruby Grading

LGIC Lab Grown Ruby Grading

The standard focuses on ruby color grading, clarity grading, brilliance grading, cut, uniformity description and expression.

Color Grading:

According to the chroma difference between ruby,it is divided into four grades,deep red,vivid red, intense red, red.

Deep red: Reflected light dark red-dark red, color rich;

Vivid red: Bright red under reflected light, rich and full-color;

Intense red: Moderate red in reflected light, moderate color shade;

Intense Red: The reflected light is red,rich and dark;

Red: Dish light reflected red light, lighter in color, but still has a pronounced red stone;

Business name: Pigeon blood red.

Note: The corresponding trade name is "Pigeon blood red"when there is no slight pink tone in brilliant red or dark red;


Uniformity Description:

When observing the ruby color from the table, if the color patches, stains or ribbons are observed, they should be described, such as "visible ribons" and so on


Clarity Grading:

According to the clarity difference between ruby, it is divided into four grades.The clarity grade is expressed in order from high to low, super pure(SP),pure(p),relatively pure(RP)


Brilliance Grading:

According to  ruby brilliance accounted for the proportion of the crown area and the color of brilliance, it's divided it into three grades excellent(EX), very good (VG), good (G).


Transparency Grading:

According to the transparency differences between ruby, it's divided into three grades: bright(v1), relatively bright(v2), normal(v3).


Cut Grading:

According to cutting ratio, it's divided it into three grades excellent(EX), very good (VG), good (G)